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Solarbetriebene Wasserpumpen

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Solarbetriebene Wasserpumpen

In Malawi, children and their families struggle every day to access clean water. With your help, we can change that! Our solar-powered water systems are efficient, sustainable and resistant to the consequences of climate change.

In Malawi, many families, schools and communities are struggling daily with the access to clean water. Many children are therefore unable to go to school, either because of diarrhoea or other infections, or because they are responsible for the time-consuming task of fetching water. Girls and women are particularly affected by this issue.

With your help, we can change this! Together with UNICEF, you can install solar-powered, climate-resistant water systems in Malawi. These pumps utilise the power of the sun to convey water efficiently and sustainably, improving the lives of thousands of people. The very deep boreholes allow the water system to be resistant to environmental disasters and other consequences of climate change.

Your donation for the solar-powered water systems enables, among other things

  • access to a safe, vital water supply
  • improved user-friendliness
  • equal opportunities and a self-determined future, as girls and young women in particular can now go to school
  • no pollution from the burning of fossil fuels
  • more time for other activities, as there is no longer a need to walk long distances to fetch water

Visit our landing page to see the significant impact the project is having on children, families, school classes and communities in Malawi: deinbeitrag.unicef.at.

Together we can make a positive impact and bring sustainable water supply to the people of Malawi.

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