Questions & answers

What do I have to consider regarding activities involving children and young people?

If children or young people are taking part in a fundraising campaign that involves certain activities or if they are carrying it out themselves, we kindly ask you to read through our checklist first.

Will my donation arrive?

Your donation will contribute to the well-being of children . Of every donation more than 81 % will fund our global programmes. 6 % help us to issue donation confirmations or to receive and process your enquiries. About 12 % are used to raise future donations.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Within the framework of the employee tax assessment or the income tax return, you can claim all monetary donations to UNICEF Austria (for example individual donations, donations in the aid shop, UNICEF sponsorships, standing orders, etc.) from the tax office. For this, your date of birth is required. We will send you a confirmation of all your donations in January.

Can I also donate offline?

Yes, for each project you can also donate directly by payment slip or bank transfer. When preparing the transfer, please state the name of the fundraising campaign so that we can allocate your donation. Our IBAN is AT46 6000 0000 0151 6500

Is my data secure?

Your data will be transmitted encrypted according to the latest standards and stored on secure servers. You can find out more about data protection at UNICEF Austria at

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