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Let´s support children in need with that outstanding commitment that our PlanRadar team has already proven several times. The more you donate, the more we help - PlanRadar will double down on what we have reached as a team! All donation counts, so please consider what you can donate and go for it.

The escalation of hostilities in the Gaza Strip is having a catastrophic impact on children and families. Over 1.7 million people in the Gaza Strip have been displaced – half of them children. They do not have enough access to water, food, fuel and medicine.

PlanRadar chose UNICEF as a partner for this year´s charity campaign as they are not only an international NGO, who was present in the area way before the current crisis but also to respond to the situation for children in Israel and the State of Palestine, they are also making active steps. “In all wars it is children who suffer first and suffer most.” So let´s support them, wherever they are located in this crisis

Where it helps most

With your non-designated donation you support children who need your help the most.

Ein Bub aus dem Jemen bekommt eine Hilfslieferung.
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Alexander Salov
5 months ago
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Ibrahim Imam
«At PlanRadar it has been always about "doubling down" and overachieving targets! As a father of three I am following this ambition also here in addition to my hopes for global peace!»
5 months ago
Peter Tajanlangit
5 months ago
EUR 123
5 months ago
Alex Ho
5 months ago
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Christian Prossenitsch
5 months ago
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